What is Helpr?

Helpr is a mobile app that matches students needing immediate help in their courses with students who have already done well in those same courses in the past (known as “helprs”).

What is a “helpr”?

A helpr is a student who is available to help other students in the same university courses they have already excelled in.

How is this different from tutoring?

We do not have any tutors on our platform, just helprs. A helpr is somebody who has taken the same course in the same university as you and done very well in it. They can help you get through assignments, lab reports, quizzes, answer questions and other things because they have been through exactly what you are going through and excelled. The kind of help a person wants and gets from a helpr is different from that of a tutor. That is why students using a helpr:

  • are charged by the minute so students pay only for what they need
  • get the right kind of help specific for their course in their university and maybe even their teacher
  • spend up to 80% less than a traditional private tutor

Why would I use it?

There is no shortage of ways of getting help in university BUT there is a shortage of ways of getting the right kind of help. Not everyone needs a tutor but everyone can use a boost every now and then that will save them time and effort and help get them through things quicker and easier. That is where Helpr comes in. If you have ever been stuck on your assignment, lab report, past midterms/finals or have questions about the material or course in general that you need answered right away then you know how frustrating it can be to find the help you really need. Often you don’t need extra teaching time but instead getting the right help from someone who’s done this before and excelled will save you time and effort that could be better spent elsewhere. That is why you would get a helpr.

Do I have to meet up in person?

No! Once you are matched with a helpr you can immediately start chatting with them in the app for free. At anytime you can request that your helpr help you either by meeting up in person at a time and place you choose OR by video chat. On Helpr, you decide when, where and how you want to get help in any of your courses.

How much does it cost?

See the pricing section.

How do I pay?

You enter your credit card information into the app and your credit card will be automatically charged at the conclusion of each session. No awkwardness dealing with cash or rates.

How do I become a helpr?

Just go to the Profile section in the app and click on « Apply to be a helpr ». Apply by sending us screenshots of your transcript so we can see which courses you are eligible to help in. We will review it and add you as a helpr on all courses that you have excelled in.

How do I get paid?

You enter your bank account information directly into the app and you will receive direct deposit for transactions on a rolling 7-day period. This means that every 7 days you will receive a direct deposit directly into your bank account for all the help you provided over the past 7 days. Helprs retain 80% of each transaction.

Can I use Helpr to both get and give help?

Absolutely! This is exactly what Helpr was designed for. Everyone has strengths in specific areas when it comes to school, but can also benefit from other students’ experience and knowledge in other areas. Everyone can use a boost and everyone can give one!

Can I do anything else other than get or become a helpr?

Yes! The Helpr app has a Q&A section in it that is completely free. Use the combined brain power of your entire school to get answers to your questions about assignments, classes, exams, teachers or anything else relating to your school. You can post questions and even tag a specific course your question is about. You or anyone in your school can answer any question and even vote on which answer you think is best. Answers with the most votes appear at the top.